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Tips and Cautions Regarding an Orange County DUI  


Orange County DUI attorney Thomas Wallin has helped hundreds of individuals facing a DUI accusation.  Here are four of his initial suggestions for the recently arrested:

 1. You have 10 days to act.  Upon release from arrest, you were most likely given a pink temporary driver’s license called a DS367.  This replaces your regular driver’s license, which was confiscated by the arresting officer.  Your temporary license alerts you of your right to a DMV hearing and the fact that your temporary license will expire within 30 days.  If you fail to contact the Driver Safety Office nearest your arrest location within 10 days of your arrest, you will no longer be able to legally drive after your temporary license expires.  Your attorney can make this contact for you.

2. Memories fade fast.  Write down everything you remember that is related to your arrest.  How much did you have to drink?  Eat?  What time?  What did the arresting officer say when he/she pulled you over?  What did you reply?  What field sobriety tests were you given?  How do you feel you performed?  Record everything relevant and give your notes to your attorney.

3. Alternatives to jail exist, even for multi-offenders.  Almost every court in Southern California seeks to impose jail time for multiple offender DUI cases.  By statute, you face up to six months in jail for a second offense.  The District Attorney is unlikely to request that much, but will ask for a significant amount of county jail time.  Depending on the circumstances of your case and which court is handling it, the District Attorney may consider these alternatives to jail:

– Community Service

– SCRAM (Secured Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring)

– Sheriff’s Labor or Work Release Program

– Home Confinement or Electronic Monitoring

– DUI Court

– Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

– CalTrans

4. Different courts have different approaches.  Orange County is notoriously strict with 2nd and 3rd DUI offenses. Riverside County asks for jail time even for 1st offenders (but we have never even had a 2nd offender complete a single day in county jail). San Bernardino County has some of the most lenient, as well as strictest, districts in Southern California.  Be sure your attorney is familiar with the practices and players in your arrest location.

Knowledge and Reputation Count

Many lawyers handle DUI cases.  It is not hard to take your money and then file a guilty plea.  But when your liberty and license are at stake, you are better served working with an office that:

(1) focuses entirely on defending DUI cases

(2) regularly works in the court district handling your case

(3) has many years of experience handling DUI cases, and

(4) has a reputation for aggressive defense

The Law Offices of Thomas Wallin meet all four parameters, and is known as one of the premier Southern California DUI defense firms. Learn more.

Recent Results From DUIs in Orange County 

With 15 years practicing law and hundreds of cases completed, Thomas Wallin has a lengthy list of successful outcomes.  Here are a few with varied circumstances and locations:

1st offense

.16/.16 breath

Driving with high beams, speeding,

and drifting.  DUI dismissed.  Wet

reckless.  No license suspension

2nd offense

.22 BAC

Plea to a first offense

with no jail

Under 21

.20 with accident

Plea to a 1st with

4-month program

Drunk in public

Petty theft charges

Case dismissed upon completion of community service

For a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your DUI case with Tom Wallin, use our Orange County DUI Case Review form to lay out the facts.

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